Tony’s Game Changing Tips

44 Points

44 Points

1 Call the game before the game - be prepared as a play caller. Study and know your best calls based on situation and Down and Distance.

2 Perfect practice reps are a must - but fast on the run corrections are required

3 Throw to the open man (sounds simple)

4 Look for grass - as a coach and QB

5 Dictate the rhythm of the game by changing up tempos

6 Always be the fastest team to lineup. Whether you snap it or not, the defense has to be ready for it.

7 Practice as you play - pace/field zones/hashes

8 Always have a script for your backup that plays to his strengths. If he has to play, everyone should know and have practiced for the situation.

9 Get to the game with everyone as healthy and fresh as possible

10 Don't ever be afraid to score - Score every play!

11 Don't listen to people who don't matter!

12 Ball security must be coached every single day in every single drill!

13 Coach Welker Drill on every ball that is caught - adds 400+ yards a year

14 Screens are great even when they don't work - makes DL move side to side.

15 Repeat good plays - chart during games and highlight successful plays

16 Don't get bored with the details - they separate you!

17 Practice your silent count - never know when you will need it

18 Have 2-3 go-to 2 point plays - practice them weekly

19 Always be willing to put your best player in the position for the best possible match-up - just because he plays inside wide receiver, doesn't mean he can't lineup at outside wide receiver or running back sometimes to get him the ball easily with space

20 Try a trick play per half - it keeps the defense on their toes and makes defensive preparation even harder because they have to practice them

21 Make sure you practice your end of the game situations - 2 min, 4 min, no timeouts, getting FG unit on quickly, getting out of bounds

22 Have great enthusiasm - your players and other coaches will follow your lead

23 Be the most competitive person you can be - refuse to accept anything less than championship effort that gives you the ability to get better every single day!

24 Never let the details slide during practice!

25 Have gameday assignments for coaches - everyone should know exactly what they’re watching to be able to relay the correct information after a play or series. Don’t get caught being a fan!

26 Practice scoring - Have your guys catch and run balls into the endzone when they touch it.

27 Have a plan for how you will meet with your offense and position groups on the sidelines during games

28 Be willing to adjust - don’t keep doing things just because “that’s always how it has been”

29 Have no ego - stats are for losers. Winning is the only stat that matters

30 Be simple: this allows your players to play fast without having to think

31 Keep great competition at every position - this brings out the best in everyone

32 Make sure everyone on the field chases the ball during the play - this will put all players without the ball in position to recover any fumble and be closer to the new line of scrimmage to line up as fast as possible.

33 Every person that catches a ball follows the ball with their eyes all the way to the tuck

34 Win the battle of leverage - blocking, stance, running, every situation!

35 Coaching matters

36 Have fun and make it fun!

37 Every day do something good for someone who could never repay you

38 Use football daily challenges to prepare your players for life

39 Tell stories - they have a long lasting impact

40 Teach your players to always protect those who cannot protect themselves. Be a hero!

41 Be a hero by making your players understand heroic events and why they are heroic

42 Make sure every player is registered to vote at 18 and follow up with them

43 Recognize and honor the unrecognizable (Offensive Line, Managers, Janitors, etc.)

44 When surrounded by supreme forces - ATTACK!

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