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I finished securing the best product we have ever created!

Herb Hand, CO-OC Texas (6 Championships, Top 5 Offenses, #1 Offense, #3 Offense)

I went after coaches who have won national championships, been #1 in the nation in scoring, finished consistently in the top 5% as an offensive producer, and who have done it on more than one occasion and at multiple schools.

Rob Likens, OC Ariz. State (3 National Championships, #1 Offense, Top 10 Offense)

Setting your goals that high can lead to disaster!!!! But I did it!!! I hit 100% on getting the top offensive minds in football together for one setting in an exclusive environment to teach all of us to be the best offensive coordinators-OL-CO-OCs in the nation!

Jake Spavital, Head Coach TX State (Top 10 Offense 3 Separate Schools)

My goal was to create a two-day exclusive event where a coach could attend over 17 hours of training by the nation’s best point producers and walk away as a certified graduate of the first ever offensive coordinator-play caller-OL game planning specialist event in the nation.

Brandon Jones, CO-OC OL Houston, Top 10-20 Offense Three Separate Schools

Yes, when this event concludes you will be allowed to take a certification exam and upon passing the exam receive a certification from TFS declaring that you attended and mastered the required subject matter from 7 of the nation’s best offensive minds. Tony Franklin oc magic image This certification letter can be used to help further your career and expand your career opportunities as well as make you much more marketable for a high paying OC or head coaching opportunity.

Kirk Martin, QB Syracuse (Former Manvel, TX) Last 5 48 PPG/Syracuse 40 PPG

Imagine calling your next game with the advice from 7 offensive masters that averaged over 40 points per game and some that went for more than 50 PPG. Visualize a top OC and CO-OC OL coach giving you his formula for game planning, adjusting to injuries, attacking weaknesses, overcoming strengths of their defenses, and even giving you play call sheets they have used!

Jason Mohns, (Saguaro High, AR) 48 PPG for 8 Years as Playcaller - 6 State Champs

Imagine being able to ask questions to a top OC-OL combination and to listen to future conference calls guiding you to the top of your profession. Tony Franklin oc magic image Whether you are a new OC-OL or head coach or a seasoned veteran of gameplanning and OC creativity, this 2 day event will take you to a new level of expertise!

Tony Franklin, (MTSU OC) 5 Year Period Cal/LA Tech/MTSU Top 10 Playcaller In NCAA

Sign up today or suffer the possibility that you missed out on the greatest opportunity for career enhancement ever presented to a football coach!

The Magnificent Seven

Herb Hand, CO-OC OL Texas (6 Championships, Top 5 Offenses, #1 Offense, #3 Offense)

  • 6 Conference Championships
  • 3 Division Championships
  • Football Scoop Finalist OL Coach of Year Three Times
  • #1 Offense in Football
  • #3 Offense: Penn State, Tulsa, W.VA, Tulsa, Auburn, Vandy, Texas
  • Recognized to Be One of College Football's Top Offensive Minds

Rob Likens, OC Ariz. State (3 National Championships, #1 Offense, Top 10 Offense)

  • Only School in Power 5 In 2018 With 3000 Yard Passer, 1000 Receiver, 1500 Rusher
  • 3 NCAA Championships in Row N. Alabama
  • #1 Offense NCAA
  • Top 10 Offenses: N. Alabama, Central Connecticut, SE Missouri, LA Tech, Cal, Kansas, Arizona State
  • Believed to Be on the List for Many Possible Head Coaching Jobs in the Future

Jake Spavital, Head Coach TX State (Top 10 Offense 3 Separate Schools)

  • Top 10 Offenses Texas A&M, West VA, Cal, Oklahoma State
  • 26-1 and State Champ QB
  • Known as Top QB Developer In NCAA
  • Believed to Be One of Top Young Head Coaches in College Football

Brandon Jones, CO-OC OL Houston (Top 10-20 Offense Three Separate Schools)

  • Top 10 Offenses 3 Separate Schools: Cal, E. Carolina, Texas Tech, Sam Houston St.
  • Recognized as One of Top OL Coaches in College Football
  • 22 Game Starter TX Tech

Kirk Martin, QB Syracuse (Former Manvel, TX) Last 5 48 PPG/Syracuse 40 PPG

  • Helped Lead Syracuse to Best Season in 18 Years and Average 40 Plus PPG
  • Lead Manvel High, TX to 5 Straight Seasons of Average of 13 Plus Wins and 48 PPG
  • Texas High School Coach of the Year in 2017
  • Recognized as One of Best Offensive Minds in Texas High School Football History

Jason Mohns (Saguaro High, AR) 48 PPG For 8 Years as Playcaller - 6 State Champs

  • 48 PPG for 8 Seasons as Play Caller
  • 6 Consecutive State Championships
  • USA Today Top 25
  • Maxpreps Recognized as One of Nation's Best Head Coaches
  • #2 Nation Scoring
  • 3 Times Average Over 50 PPG as Playcaller
  • Considered Strongly by Several Colleges as Potential OC

Tony Franklin (MTSU OC) 5 Year Period Cal/LA Tech/MTSU Top 10 Playcaller In NCAA

  • #1 Offense in College Football 51.5 PPG
  • Top 10 Playcaller Over 5 Year Period From 2012-2016 at 3 Separate Colleges With 38 PPG
  • Football Scoop Finalist OC of Year
  • 2 State Championships as High School Coach

The style of offense doesn’t matter! There’s an art to being an OC and an OL-CO-OC. Without one the other doesn’t exist. If you want to learn more in one day than you have in 39 years (me TF) then put this together!

Coaches, simply put, this is the greatest event ever put together.

Contact Tyler Boyles at 606-923-6606 or for more information!

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OC Magic

Football’s First Offensive Coordinator + Game Planning Certification School

Some of the Topics That Candidates Will Be Trained In:

  • Devising Your Offense From Scratch
  • Statement of Philosophy
  • Player Leadership Versus Coaching Leadership
  • The 6 Sections of Offensive Football:
    1. Runs and RPOs
    2. Playaction
    3. Pocket Moves (Nakeds and Rolls and Boots)
    4. Screens
    5. Dropback Passing
    6. Gimmicks - (Stutters, Suckers, and Tricks)
  • 7 Nationally Recognized Coaches Will Give Their Best Play From Each of the 6 Sections
  • Game Day Play Calling (7 National Experts Give Their Secrets)
  • Opening Script
  • Sample Scripts From Games That Have Been Played
  • Game Example of Planning and Results From the Plan
  • Game Day Preparation
  • Opponent Breakdowns and Tendencies and How to Find Them
  • Practice Planning Year-round and Weekly Schedules
  • Preparation Schedule Deadlines (What Has to Be Done By Monday? Etc)
  • How to Break Down Your Opponents Film and Not Get Suckered Into False Tendencies
  • Finding Match-ups For Opportunities and Issues
  • Adapting Your Offensive Scheme to Fit Your Talent
  • Formation Studies and Designs Weekly to Gain an Edge and to Get What You Want Coverage and Front Wise
  • Down and Distance Scripting
  • Game Planning Versus A Team With No Chance to Win
  • Play Calling Scripting and Calling By Feel (Advantages and Disadvantages)
  • Calling Players Plays Instead of Scheme Plays
  • Goal-Line Scripting
  • 2 Point Plays
  • Coming Off Scripting
  • Big Play Scripting
  • Coverage Beaters
  • Man-Cover Plans (Rubs and One On One Scripting)
  • Cover Zero Planning
  • Offensive Line Coaches Weekly Preparation and Game Day Samples of Adjustments
  • What to Ask Your Players After Each Series or When They Come Off Field
  • What Each Coach Should Watch On Every Play and Between Series
  • Game Planning to Survive A Special Player (Pass Rusher, Etc)
  • 2 Minute Philosophy and Scripting
  • Use of Timeouts
  • 4 Minute Offense
  • Game Day Substitutions (How, Why, When)
  • Winning Games Versus Winning Stats War
  • Injury Adjustments During the Season
  • Tempos (Super Fast, Muddle Huddle, Cadence Mix, Check With Me, Freeze)
  • Backup QB Plans
  • Emergency QB Plans
  • Radical Injury Adjustments During the Season
  • Radical Gameplans For Superior Opponents That You May Have A Chance to Beat
  • Practice Check List of Every Possible Scenario On Game Day
  • QB Surprise Punting (When and Why)
  • Use of Gimmicks and Formations When Playing A Bad Team to Force Defenses In Future to Prepare
  • Building A Coaching Staff and Training Them to Fit Your Philosophy
  • Gameday Staff Responsibilities
  • Game Planning Responsibilities of Staff
  • Motivation of A Coaching Staff
  • Motivation of Players
  • Goal Setting
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
  • Best Play Calling Experience and Worst and Why? By 7 Experts
  • Play Calling When Ahead 3 Touchdowns Versus Behind
  • Sideline Discipline
  • Never Ending Improvement as an OC and Playcaller
  • Stories From 7 Speakers of Their First Play Calling Experience
  • Arranging Practice to Where Neither Side Dominates Daily (Preventing Mental Defeat) 
  • Knowing the Freshness and Speed of Your Team and Adjusting Practice
  • Pre-game Routines On Game Day (Each Position)
  • Warm-ups and Stretching
  • Personal Stories From 7 National Known Coaches (How They Got Into Football, How They Became A Coordinator or CO-OC Offensive Line Planner, Advice For Achieving Your Goals)
  • Calling the Game From the Sky or the Ground? Pros and Cons
  • What Is Your Half-time Adjustment Routine

Contact Tyler Boyles at 606-923-6606 or for more information!

TFS clients free!(FULL STAFF!)       Non-TFS clients $997(per coach)


TFS Presents OC Magic

Football’s first offensive coordinator + game planning certification school


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Tony Franklin - Middle Tennessee State University

Rob Likens - Arizona State University

Jake Spavital - Texas State University

Brandon Jones - University of Houston

Jason Mohns - Saguaro High, Arizona

Herb Hand - University of Texas

Kirk Martin - Syracuse University

Contact Tyler Boyles at 606-923-6606 or for more information!

TFS clients free!(FULL STAFF!)       Non-TFS clients $997(per coach)