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Become your own guru with the Tony Franklin System.

Become your own guru with the Tony Franklin System.

A Life-Changing System

Offensive development has never been more accessible or more rewarding. The Tony Franklin System provides year-round, daily support of high school football coaches looking to improve their offensive players, win more games, and give themselves more financial stability.

When you join the TFS, you become part of a team that goes above and beyond to help you take back control of training your players. Through yearly seminars, regular conference calls, daily suggestions, 24/7 consultation, PowerPoint presentations, and hundreds of hours of video, we educate and improve the career trajectory of clients and their players every single day.

Football Coaching Program

Learn a Winning Offensive Approach from A-Z

Tony Franklin coached high school football for 16 years, so he understands the limitations facing his clients. It was actually frustration at the “one size fits all” method from coaching clinics that inspired him to start the Tony Franklin System in the first place! To develop a winning offensive approach, you need more than one-off tips and tricks. That’s where the TFS comes in.

The TFS Seminars are 2-3 day events that deliver decades of expertise focused on offensive development at each position. It isn’t just about the moves – it’s about the approach. We teach life lessons and walk you through concepts like mental preparation, being a great backup, and adjusting to each individual’s talents. We also give advice on things like effective strength training, recruiting new students, and satisfying parents. The specifics offered at this event are unlike any other coaching clinic out there. Expect an immediate impact on your team!

“Offensive guru.” - New Orleans on Tony Franklin, 2009

Football Coaching Program

Win More with The TFS, For Your Players and Yourself

Numerous clients have dramatically improved the quality of their professional and personal lives by having more free time available as well as making much higher salaries because of their success. The TFS puts knowledge and 24/7 resources into the hands of as many deserving high school football coaches as possible, so they can make great players and move up the ladder in their coaching careers.

Discover What We Offer

We want to accommodate the needs of every high school coach we can, so we offer a range of products and services to choose from. One thing we know for certain? No matter what TFS product you choose, you and your players won’t ever want to go another day without it.

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