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A letter from Tony Franklin.

A letter from Tony Franklin.

Tony Franklin

Just ask anyone who keeps up with football education: The Tony Franklin System, established by my many years of experience and hands-on leadership, has helped more coaches across the globe make more money by winning games and championships in multiple cutting-edge ways than, perhaps, any coaching system in the football arena.

So, how do we do it? How do we help our coaches think smarter, score more often, motivate better, and out-strategize their biggest competitors? For one, we’ve tapped into the unstoppable power of crowdsourcing. As our network grows, so does our index of helpful, one-of-a-kind resources. The TFS carefully identifies, evaluates, and improves your coaching. We show you alternative approaches to help you find and maximize coaching opportunities you never knew were within reach. We assess all your competitive concerns, both explicit and implicit, to formulate incomparable game planning strategies, practice approaches, and coaching models.

By employing the knowledge of the Tony Franklin System, you’ll learn how to run your team efficiently and utilize the full potential of your players. You’ll stop pouring time and talent into efforts that don’t produce results, and instead create a strategy that dramatically disrupts and out-performs your competition time and time again.

My direct experience with more than 1,000 clients worldwide gives our team insight to a wide spectrum of possibilities regarding game procedures, opportunities, and performance enhancement.

Whatever rivalry or broken coaching models your team may be struggling with, we are dedicated to finding out how to multiply your wins, increase your salary, and maximize your competitive sustainable coaching advantage.
You can’t do it all yourself, and that’s okay. No one can. That’s what our team is for.

If you're fed up with lukewarm theories and cliche coaching clinic advice, turn to the Tony Franklin System. Our resources and expert tips provide proven, cutting-edge ways to evaluate your coaching, opponents, and habits that will definitely change the way you run your team, and subsequently the way your team plays the game.

Coaches, it is my sincere hope that our system will open your eyes to new possibilities for wins in your leadership, home life, and career opportunities.

Whether your team runs the wing T, the wishbone, pro style, spread, or a version of everything, remember this vital takeaway: your team invests the same amount of time, effort, talent, and opportunity cost to produce the results you’re getting right now, when they could invest the same amount and get results that are up to 10 times more effective.

To maximize the talent of your coaching staff, yourself, your boosters, and your team, you must have an edge. Since 2001, the Tony Franklin System has been the edge that has changed coaches’ lives and led them to championships, better career opportunities, college jobs, salary increases, much better home life, and dramatically improved opportunities for their student athletes.

Welcome to the Tony Franklin System. I hope that my experience and ideas prove to be an important resource for your game, your career, and your life, for years to come.

Fast, Fight, Finish

Tony Franklin

Named 2009 to Rivals Top 25 offensive coordinators

Why High-School Coaches Want the Tony Franklin System

Our services range from specific position mastery, to one-on-one direct consulting, to specialized group consulting via seminars and/or at home training. We teach coaches to score more points, win more games, become the GOAT, and help their players gain more college opportunities so that you, the coach, can advance in your career, make a better living for your family and drastically improve the quality of life for your players.

If you want to be a better coach than all of your opponents, trust us when we say you want to master the Tony Franklin System. If you dream of taking your coaching strategies to the next level by discovering new, more individualized ways of playing, we will teach you to think critically and make your players decisively better.

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